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Application Approval Form (AAF)

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Product Name: Bulk Density:  lb/cu.ft.
Quantity of tanks to monitored:
Max pressure:
psi bar
Max temp inside bin: deg F
Vessel Shape:
Square Round
if square supply:
Length:     Width:     Height: 
if round supply:
Diameter:     Height: 
Drawing of vessel attached: Yes No
Internal Structure:
Cleanout Cage  Agitator  Stiffening Bars 
Bag House  Temp cables  Aeration Tubes 
Internal Movement:
If yes, please describe:
Yes No
Exsplosive area:
If yes, please designate
Yes No
24vDC Power available YesNo
Previous technology used:
Outputs requierd:
Current RS485 Both
Outputs used for:
Inventory Control Both
Approved by:

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