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Clinker Storage

Application: The raw mix is fed into a pre-heating tower and reaches 800°C before returning to the vertical rotary kiln where it is heated to a temperature of 1450°C. Combustion causes a chemical reaction called decarbonation which releases CO2 contained in the limestone. The fired materials take the form of hard granules called clinker, which resembles pellets about the size of marbles. Following re-cooling, clinker is stored in silos, and then transformed into cement according to production requirements.

Challenges: Clinker silos usually have very large diameters and hold tens of thousands of tons of material. The material is very dusty and fed into the silo at relatively high temperature of approximately 100° C. The end-user's main problem is to know the quantities of clinker stored in the silo at all times. The APM MVL system can provide an accurate volume measurement in any sized clinker silo allowing the end-user to see how the material is distributed inside the silo and to accurately monitor inventory levels.

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