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3DLevel Scanner for Bulk Solids

The APM 3DLevelScanner is the only device in the world that provides accurate volume measurement of bulk solids and powders.

When measuring liquids, level measurement is the perfect solution. The surface of liquids is flat, so a one point measurement on the surface will indicate the surface level.

Bulk solids, on the other hand, form in many ways, filling and emptying cycles create different surface shapes. One point measurement becomes irrelevant for knowing the amount of material stored in the vessel. The 3DLevelScanner uses multiple point technology that measures the volume of the material stored in the silo or bin.

TheMAGIC of APM 3D Technology now enables true inventory management of bulk solid materials, including: aggregates, sand, gravel, rocks, cement, coal, coke, fly ash, fertilizers, chemicals, salt, granulate chemicals, flour, grain, soy beans, milk powder, sugar, cereals, rice, plastic pellets, plastic powder and many more.

The fact of measuring the actual inventory enables plant operations to be more efficient and save you money in many different ways.

Using revolutionary patented technology, the 3DLevelScanner™ measures and maps the entire surface area of the material. Surface irregularities that typically occur in large silos or open bins are easily detected and the 3D image of the surface can be presented on your PC.
APM Technology employs a low frequency pulse signal, unaffected by dust and moisture that are often presence in solid applications.

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