Stybel-Flour Israel

Stybel Group ( founded in 1935, is one of Israel’s largest wheat milling groups. The group imports wheat and other grains for trade and for production of a wide range of milled products including organic flours and baking improves. Stybel group operates 5 flour mills and 2 storage facilities throughout Israel. In 2013 Stybel opened the largest flour mill in Israel with capacity to supply flour to ~20% of the Country’s population. Buhler ( a world leader in flour mill construction and equipment led the construction project.

Stybel has been using 23 APM Scanners in their Haifa mills since 2010. Those scanners have proven valuable for Stybel allowing full inventory management of the silos, as they live up to all promises and supply highly accurate reading with little to no maintenance. Therefore, Stybel decided to fit all the silos in the new mill with APM scanners, as a first step to automating all their silos.

The new facility was designed with inventory tracking abilities on all silos to support production control. APM’s 3D Level Scanner solution was considered along with all other solutions available in the market. Based on their past experience as well as the need for high accuracy and a real time view of material build-up on silo walls, Stybel selected the 3D Level Scanner as the projects inventory tracking solution for all 90 silos in the mill. The scanners were installed by the Buhler team as part of the silos construction.

The scanners data was integrated into Buhler’s SCADA system to become a seamless part of the Buhler solution for the mill. This allows Stybel to use the information from the 3D Level Scanners to manage inventory throughout the plant, from ordering raw materials, inventory tracking in process to planning the shipping schedule. The scanners are used in all silos, including grain, flour and additive silos.