Spencer Group, UK- material is biomass

The supply and support provided by APM & lnMark Ltd have proved to be of high quality and professionalism for the integration into the facilities control system.
The Spencer Group would recommend this technology and supply for any similar facility where accuracy, reliability and engineering team. “Support are key to a successful project”.
EC&I Engineering Director, Spencer Group

Drax Power Station, UK – material is biomass

“We have found the APM scanner systems provide a good representation of the storage silo contents, thereby enabling our Operations and fuel procurement teams to effectively manage the stock levels. The suitability of this technology for typical large silo applications offers high availability, reliability and we believe it to be a cast effective solution for this application when compared with alternative technologies. For similar mission critical applications we acknowledge the suitability of these systems and would look to APM for future provision.”

DYCKERHOFF, Russia – material cement

“I am very happy with APM system. The SW client got a lot of useful features.  The APM’s system provides better than 3% accuracy at all times. Saving the work of 3 engineers constantly measuring the clinker at all times is a great benefit from APM’s system.”
Alexander Vinogradov

Shandong lron & Steel, China – materiai coal powder

Shandong had 14 coal powder silos, 40 meters high and 20 meters across, that were not being monitored. These silos were not monitored as they could not find monitoring equipment to cover the whole level of the material.

Engineering Manager, Mr. Wang, noted that “APM 30 scanners can work in high dust and have self-clean function. They have a broad beam Angle, 70°, which can map the whole surface, so the volume and level measure is more accurate”.

Stybel, lsrael  – material is flour

Stybel has been using 23 APM scanners in their Haifa mills since 2010. Those scanners have proven valuable for Stybel, allowing full inventory management of the silos, as they live up to all promises and supply highly accurate readings with little to no maintenance. Therefore, Stybel decided to fit all the silos in the new mill with APM scanners, as a first step to automating all their silos.

The new facility was designed with inventory tracking abilities on all silos to support production control. APM’s 3DLevelScanner solution was considered along with all other solutions available in the market. Based on their past experience as well as the need for high accuracy and a real time view of material build-ups on silo walls, Stybel selected the 3DLevelScanner as the project’s inventory tracking solution for all 90 silos in the mill . The scanners were installed by the Buhler team as part of the silos’ construction.

Tennoplast Polyethylene ltaly – material polyethylene

APM scanners now allow them to check the material volume at any moment and under any process condition, including filling and emptying.  They also  have the ability to see the disposition of the product inside the silo, allowing them to proactively maintain the silo and the inventory.

lnventory management is enabled through a special calibration curve, used to calculate the weight of the product inside the silo. With this data available to them, both day to day and managerial decisions are made based on real and accurate information. This leads to better quality of decisions, reduces the risk of mistakes and reduces the need tor cumbersome and costly processes.